AG issues opinion on bill banning Common Core standards

books3_final2Attorney General Greg Abbott has issued an opinion addressing potential overlap between the required curriculum standards for Texas public schools and the Common Core standards used in many other states. HB 462 by Huberty, enacted by the 83rd Legislature in 2013, prohibits school districts from using Common Core standards to comply with the requirement to provide instruction for Texas students.

According to the opinion, GA-1067,  the stated intent of the bill was to prohibit the “outright adoption of national common core standards” but the bill does not prevent students from being instructed in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) when the TEKS overlap with Common Core standards. “To use a simple example, if TEKS requires teaching that 2+2=4, the bill plainly does not prevent this instruction simply because Common Core also teaches that 2+2=4,” the opinion states.

Sen. Dan Patrick, the Senate sponsor of HB 462, filed a request in December for an opinion to determine “whether Texas school districts violate the law by using Common Core in any way to teach state standards.”

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by Janet Elliott

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