Texas Legislature’s 2019 session in review

The 86th Texas Legislature considered a variety of proposals during its biennial session in 2019. Among the major bills enacted were those that revised the property tax system and the school finance system, addressed state and local disaster response and recovery efforts, and revised state policies on mental health and school safety.


Summaries of some of the session’s major issues — including both bills that were enacted and those that failed to become law — are available in the House Research Organization’s latest focus report, Major Issues of the 86th Legislature. The report includes a digest of each bill, as well as supporting and opposing arguments offered during consideration of the legislation.

The Legislature also approved 10 resolutions proposing amendments to the Texas Constitution. All except Proposition 1 were approved by voters in the Nov. 5, 2019 election. More information is available in the HRO report, Constitutional amendments proposed for November 2019 ballot

Members filed 7,324 bills and sent 1,429 to the governor for approval. Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed 56 bills, including measures that addressed guardianship, municipal annexation, contracting, and game room regulation, among others. Information about vetoed bills is available in the HRO report Vetoes of Legislation, 86th Legislature.

By Janet Elliott

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